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Benefits of

CAI members have access to information on the trends in this rapidly changing industry-with practical knowledge

Whether you’re a board member, manager, CEO or professional service provider to community associations. Keep current on the latest news, laws and issues affecting community associations, condominiums and cooperatives, and the homeowners who call them home.

You’ll also gain a network of industry colleagues-over 30,000 of them in 60 chapters worldwide-and a variety of benefits and services designed to meet your specific and unique needs. CAI membership includes a free membership to the Central Indiana Chapter!

MBenefits of Membership - Ventura Chamber of Commerceembership Benefits

Networking Opport​​​un​​​​​ities
Chapter luncheons, conferences, programs and social functions provide a great venue to meet and learn from experts in the industry, commu​​​nity manager colleagues, area community associations and service providers.

Information & Resources ​​​
​Local newsletters, magazines, web sites and membership directories that keep you up-to-date on news, information and issues affecting community as​​associations at the local level.

Educational Opportunities
For people living and working in community associations… board members, homeowners, community managers, professionals and service providers.  Stay up-to-date with local education programs.

Legislative Activity​
Your state and local jurisdiction may have laws, ordinances or programs affecting community associations in your area.  Local legislative committees follow these activities and serve you at the local level.

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~~~~Benefits of Joining~~~~

The value of a CAI membership continues to become invaluable. The level
of services and expertise you receive is second to none!

The Central Indiana Chapter offers benefits to all members, whether you
are an individual homeowner, a community manager, or a professional
selling to and servicing the industry.


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